What’s So Great About AeroPress?

Shawn Blanc:

In short, the AeroPress hype is real. If you like variety then the AeroPress lets you mix it up. If you mostly prefer this or that type of coffee, you can find a great way to brew it with the AeroPress. Regardless of the coffee beans or the style of coffee you prefer, there’s a good way to brew it with the AeroPress.

I finally got my hands on an AeroPress a couple of years ago for Father’s Day and I’ve never looked back. It’s my favorite way to make coffee and I’m thinking about getting a second one to keep at my office.

American Outlaws Tribute - #IBELIEVE

We’re just days away from the U.S. Men’s National Team’s first World Cup match. In anticipation, ESPN posted an American Outlaws[1] tribute video today.

It’s really good.

Crank up your computer volume[2], watch it, and get ready for Monday.


Update 2014–06–11:

I should have also mentioned the story that the Lincoln Journal Star ran about the American Outlaws on Sunday.

  1. Did you know that the American Outlaws were founded in Lincoln, NE?  ↩

  2. Better yet, throw on some headphones.  ↩

Converge Church Planter Assessment – Days 2 and 3

Well, we made it. Days 2 and 3 of the Converge Planter Assessment are in the bag and our portion of the process is officially over. Here my "quick and dirty" recap:

  • Days 2 and 3 were very different from day 1. While day 1 focused solely on individuals (presentations, etc.), the last two days consisted of a number of team and group activities as wells as interviews with the candidates and their spouses.
  • One group activity put all candidates and spouses, eighteen in total, in a single group. This project was the most challenging by a long shot, but it was also the most fun. I joked with another candidate that one thing has become clear to me over the week—God is not calling the eighteen of us to plant a church together.
  • Overall, we were much more relaxed and felt less pressure.
  • We welcomed more opportunities to interact with the other couples going through assessment as well as the assessors.
  • We received a binder full of results from three personality and leadership profiles we took before the assessment. This was one of my favorite elements of the assessment process! I'll be spending much more time with this in the days and weeks to come.

Our day ended at around 3:00 PM yesterday. We prayed over the assessors before they spent the rest of the day and evening discussing the candidates. Ultimately, they will arrive at a decision to either recommend or not recommend each one of us for church planting.

We sit for our exit interview in a little under two hours. We'll receive their decision for us then. Pray that our identity would be rooted in Christ and that our hearts would be content and filled with joy, regardless of what we hear.

Converge Church Planter Assessment - Day 1

Cubs Today Kalee and I made our way to Chicago for the Converge Church Planters Assessment. According to the Converge Worldwide website, the Converge assessment is:

An intensive four-day event staffed by trained assessors to encourage and observe church planting candidates. Candidates have the opportunity to preach, cast vision, work in team settings, and meet with counselors and assessors to prepare for life as a church planter. Assessors provide a personalized and thorough assessment of church planting candidates.

Essentially, it’s a process designed to help discern whether or not I am qualified, called, and equipped with the tools and gifts necessary to plant a church.

As we enter into this process, we've been absolutely overwhelmed with prayers and support from friends, family, members of the 2 Pillars community, Converge Heartland pastors, and complete strangers. I’m hoping to keep you all updated by posting a "quick and dirty" recap/debrief after each day of the assessment here.

Some notes and highlights from today:

  • It’s been a long day—we woke up at 3:30 this morning to catch our flight to Chicago.
  • The assessment is being held at Missio Dei Chicago, just a few blocks from Wrigley Field. The Cubs played a home game tonight, so we were able to enjoy a bit of game-day atmosphere as we walked to our hotel at the end of the day.
  • I’m glad that today is over. I had two major presentations: a 10-minute mini-sermon and a philosophy of ministry presentation. The mini-sermon was followed by a brief description of my “call to church planting” and Kalee and I were asked to share five adjectives that describe one another. Q&A followed each presentation as well.
  • Finally, the day ended with a Biblical Knowledge Survey exam.

Fortunately, there are no more presentations to anticipate in the coming days.

Alright, I’m cutting this post short. It’s time for bed as we have another long day ahead of us. Thank you to all of you who are faithfully lifting us up in prayer this week.

More tomorrow.

From Most Lucrative to Least Lucrative in One Major Change

The Most and Least Lucrative College Majors Yesterday my wife sent me a link to an NPR Planet Money blog post which highlights the most and least lucrative college majors.

She sent me the post because the major I began college with, Chemical Engineering, and the major I ended with, Religious Studies, are both represented in NPR's graphs.

You'll notice I moved from one extreme to the other in a decidedly southward direction.

We had a good laugh about it—she obviously didn't marry me for my money or earning potential.

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