The Power of The Inbox

Kourosh Dini: 

But, without regular cleaning, the Inbox loses vitality. It becomes something we can no longer trust to hold our ideas until they’d be useful. Thoughts grow stale, irrelevant, or get lost when they could have been useful.

Too often, we can let the inbox go, particularly when we are first learning systems of work. We haven’t yet formed that internal sense of its power and how delicately it rides on our care of it. But when we do have this habit of clearing well practiced, we can better feel its power.

On the one hand, this is so obvious. On the other hand, it's so easy to miss. I'm often guilty of allowing my OmniFocus Inbox to grow stale. This undermines its usefulness and power, leaving me without a safe and trusted place to clear my head and capture tasks. And without a safe and trusted Inbox, I'm much more likely to drop the ball somewhere.

Looks like it's time to go process my Inbox.

Link List for March 27, 2014

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OmniFocus 2 for Mac Resumes Testing

The Omni Group announced yesterday that OmniFocus 2 for the Mac will ship in June 2014 and is now ready for its final round of testing. I’m using the latest release full-time now and I like it—a lot. Read the entire post for more information about joining the private test waiting list.

Women Are Not Men | David Murray

David Murray pulled some interesting stats and tidbits from a recent episode of the Freakonomics podcast on the differences between men and women.

The Missing Mark of Leadership | Ryan Huguley

We don’t need anymore proud leaders - the world is filled with them. What we need most are humble leaders, following the leadership of Jesus who humbled himself to the point of death for those he led (Phil. 2:9). Imagine what Jesus would do with an army of hard working, humble leaders. Your family, neighborhood, workplace, school, and church would never be same.

Link List for May 23, 2013

Evernote Blog | Evernote Reminders Are Here on Mac, iOS and Web

Evernote rolled out some new features today. You can now set date and time–based reminders for individual notes in addition to creating note–based to–do lists.

Stairways Software releases Keyboard Maestro 6.0

Version 6.0 of Keyboard Maestro was released yesterday, including a long list of improvements and new features. Keyboard Maestro is definitely one of the most underutilized apps on my machine.

Put Your Mac to Sleep with iOS Drafts — MacSparky

This clever little trick allows you to put your Mac to sleep remotely using your iOS device.

Essential OmniFocus Scripts and Workflows

A running list of tips, scripts, and workflows for OmniFocus.

The Inigo Montoya Guide to 27 Commonly Misused Words | Copyblogger

This post will literally help you improve your grammar.

Waiting for OmniFocus 2

Version 2 of OmniFocus, my task management application of choice, debuted late last week at Macworld. I can’t wait to give it a try! Unfortunately, there is work yet to be done and it isn’t quite ready to ship to the public. From the Omni Group blog:

We use an iterative development process at Omni, so our next step is to ship a private test release so we can get feedback from customers on how well it’s working in practice. Based on that feedback, we’ll update our design and ship another private test release (and invite more people into the test pool), and the cycle begins again. How many times we repeat that cycle depends on how long it takes for us to feel like we’ve achieved our goals for the release.

Once we finish those rounds of private testing, we’ll post a wide-open public test release for anyone to download from our website, and finish up some of the other hard work of writing documentation, translating the app and documentation to other languages, and submitting the app to Apple for App Store review. Usually this final stage takes 4–6 weeks—at that time, it should be much easier to accurately project a ship date.

Yesterday Ken Case, Omni Group CEO, gave a bit more information regarding the release timeline, explaining that the private test likely won’t start before March.

There’s no need for me to discuss what’s new in OmniFocus 2 here, since this has already been done elsewhere. If you’re interested in learning more, you should begin by visiting the Omni Group blog.

After than, read what others have to say. In no particular order:

Preview of OmniFocus 2 for Mac | Sven Fechner
Looking Forward To OmniFocus 2 | Michael Schechter
The Omni Group’s Ken Case On OmniFocus 2, OmniOutliner 4, And More | MacStories
Omni Group’s Ken Case on OmniFocus 2 and the origins of the app | TUAW
First Look at OmniFocus 2 | Shawn Blanc
First Thoughts on OmniFocus 2 | Aaron Hockley

Also, sign up to test the pre–release version of OmniFocus 2.

Not an OmniFocus user? Omni offers a 14–day free trial period. Give it a look. If you decide to buy you’ll receive a free upgrade to OmniFocus 2 once it ships.

OmniFocus Mail Drop Beta

I finally got around to signing up for the OmniFocus Mail Drop beta last night.  From the OmniGroup forums:

We call this new feature the "OmniFocus Mail Drop". Unlike previous mail-processing features, we wanted a method that wouldn't require any of your devices to be present in order to add items to OmniFocus, we wanted to add the much-requested better attachment support, and we wanted to reduce the amount of extra work you had to do in order to get your items into OmniFocus as much as possible.

To this end, we implemented the feature as part of the Omni Sync Server. Accounts on the server can now have a special email address generated. Any message forwarded or sent to that address will be processed (including attachments) and added to your OmniFocus database right there on the server.

This is going to make it a lot easier to process emails and get them into OmniFocus when I'm away from my computer. My iPhone just became a much more valuable tool for managing my email workflow.

Find out more about the OmniFocus Mail Drop, including how to sign up here.

Quickly Add OmniFocus Tasks on iPhone with Launch Center Pro

If you're a user of the OmniFocus iPhone app, then grab Launch Center Pro from the App Store (currently 40% off) and head over to A Better Mess. Michael Schechter has posted some significant time-saving tips for creating tasks in OmniFocus on the iPhone. Watch the video below for a quick intro. Read the entire post, Speeding Up OmniFocus on iOS with Launch Center Pro, for the details.

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