Do you spend too much time online?

Dan Lyons, Editor–in–Chief of ReadWrite, introduced a new series of posts called ReadWrite Pause:

Maybe it seems weird that an Internet publication, especially one devoted to covering technology, would be urging people to spend less time online. But here we are. 

I’m guessing that a lot of our readers are like us, and have mixed feelings about how much time we’re all spending online. And maybe, if we all put our heads together, we can find a solution.

In my case it’s all about my kids. They’re twins, age 7. I have this terrible fear that they’re going to remember me as some old guy who lived in their house when they were kids and was always staring at a smartphone. Or, worse, they’ll remember me as some guy who was always in another city, calling home once a day to say good night.

As someone who necessarily spends a lot of time online, sitting in front of a computer, I’m really looking forward to following this series. In our busy, fast–moving, always on, always connected world, I want lead my family well and model healthy, God–honoring discipline in this area of my life.

It’s good to see others wrestling with this as well—especially the staff at a widely read tech blog.

The Last Text: AT&T Documentary Outlines the Dangers of Texting While Driving


What do you think about AT&T's new 11-minute texting-while-driving documentary?

It is well done, in my opinion. Definitely worth watching and encouraging loved ones (especially high school students and twenty somethings) to watch as well. The best part is that a good portion of it consists of teens talking to teens.

The question remains, however, just how effective will the documentary be with teens? Will they listen? Of course, it must be stated that teens aren't the only offenders, though they are the most inexperienced drivers and the move prevalent texters.

Hopefully "The Last Text" and other campaigns will be effective in curbing this growing problem.

Have you ever texted, tweeted, emailed, or updated your Facebook status while driving?

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