Link List for April 16th, 2014

Applr — Social iOS App Discovery

"Applr is the best way to discover new apps using your friends' recommendations."

Field Notes Planner System | Simple Ideas and Thoughts

Create a planner/organizer using 5 Field Notes notebooks. Interesting idea.

Organizing and Disabling TextExpander Snippets | Macdrifter

Organize your TextExpander snippets for use on your Mac, iOS devices, or specific applications.

Deckset for Mac: Turn your notes into beautiful presentations

Deckset creates slides from a simple Markdown file.

Swipe – simple, easy, interactive presentations.

Swipe, like Deckset, is a tool for creating slides. It supports various file formats, including Markdown, PDF, Keynote, images, and more.

How To Use The Foolscap Method To Move The Right Things Forward | Productivityist

Steven Pressfield on boiling down your idea for that book, organization, or project to notes on a single piece of foolscap.

New Year, New Lie

In a recent episode of Back to Work[1], Merlin Mann had this to say about New Year’s Resolutions:

It’s a fresh lie for a fresh year. ’Cause, if you were really resolved to do something, you wouldn’t need a calendar to tell you it’s time.[2]

It’s a good point, really. If there’s a change worth making in my life, then why would I wait for January 1 to make it? Why not make that change today? Probably because I’m not very serious about making said change.



  1. Back to Work, hosted by Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin, is one of my favorite podcasts right now. They cover topics such as work, productivity, tools, etc.  You’ll find it on 5by5.  ↩

  2. You’ll find this quote at approximately the 32:45 mark.  ↩

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