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A Word of Caution Regarding Bible Reading Resolutions

Sam Allberry: 

This is truly frightening: it is possible for us to hold to the authority of God’s word, and to never miss a day of carefully reading our Bible, and yet all the while neglect coming to Jesus. There is a way to be biblical but not relational. But it makes us into a Pharisee, not a disciple. Biblical it may be, in one sense, but in a way that is profoundly unbiblical. [...]
But what matters most is love for God. So I say to myself and to you: read the Bible in 2017. Read it, not to “conquer” books of the Bible or to “get them under your belt” (scare-quotes entirely necessary). Read it to kindle a fire for the Lord. Read it to prove his love for you, not to prove your self-discipline to him or to others.

Consider covering up the dates on your Bible reading plan. This doesn't solve the problem, of course (which is ultimately a matter of the heart), but it's a step in a healthy direction. 

About Ash Wednesday and Lent

On today's episide of The Wednesday Conversation, a great podcast produced by Coram Deo Church Community in Omaha, Mike Kresnik discusses Ash Wednesday and the season of Lent with Pastor Bob Thune and Pastor Dusty White.

Before you blow off Lent as irrelevant or legalistic, invest 25 minutes and give this a listen.

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