Giving Voicemail the Boot

Jamie Todd Rubin:

I find voicemail to be a cumbersome, awkward tool that is no longer particularly convenient either for me, or the person trying to reach me. These days, a text message or email message is likely to get a much faster response.

Leaving a voicemail is easily the least effective way to get in touch with me. Many of those who call me often have caught on to this and typically shoot a text message my way if I don't answer.

Unfortunately, getting rid of voicemail completely isn't a viable option for me. Maybe someday...

Getting the Most Out of

Since Sparrow fell off the radar, I've adopted Postbox as my email client of choice. Though I've given Apple's native a try for short periods of time in the past, I simply don't prefer it. That said, this post from App Storm may have convinced me to give it another try.  It's packed full of useful tips, suggested tweaks, and other information to help you get the most out of and your email workflow.

If you're already a user, then you should definitely give it a look.

If you use a different Mac or web email application, then perhaps this post will convince you to give it a(nother) try.

(via 52 Tiger)

OmniFocus Mail Drop Beta

I finally got around to signing up for the OmniFocus Mail Drop beta last night.  From the OmniGroup forums:

We call this new feature the "OmniFocus Mail Drop". Unlike previous mail-processing features, we wanted a method that wouldn't require any of your devices to be present in order to add items to OmniFocus, we wanted to add the much-requested better attachment support, and we wanted to reduce the amount of extra work you had to do in order to get your items into OmniFocus as much as possible.

To this end, we implemented the feature as part of the Omni Sync Server. Accounts on the server can now have a special email address generated. Any message forwarded or sent to that address will be processed (including attachments) and added to your OmniFocus database right there on the server.

This is going to make it a lot easier to process emails and get them into OmniFocus when I'm away from my computer. My iPhone just became a much more valuable tool for managing my email workflow.

Find out more about the OmniFocus Mail Drop, including how to sign up here.

Quickly Add OmniFocus Tasks on iPhone with Launch Center Pro

If you're a user of the OmniFocus iPhone app, then grab Launch Center Pro from the App Store (currently 40% off) and head over to A Better Mess. Michael Schechter has posted some significant time-saving tips for creating tasks in OmniFocus on the iPhone. Watch the video below for a quick intro. Read the entire post, Speeding Up OmniFocus on iOS with Launch Center Pro, for the details.

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