22 of My Favorite Android Apps

A good friend asked me for a list of my top Android apps.  So, here is a quick list of the Droid apps I simply can’t go without:

  • Seesmic - In my opinion, Seesmic is the best Twitter app out there.
  • Screebl Lite - Prevent your screen from timing out while you are reading an email.
  • Advanced Task Killer Free
  • Apps Organizer
  • Barcode Scanner - Must have.
  • Astro - File manager application.
  • Cribbage Pro - Do you know how to play Cribbage?  If not, you should learn.
  • Cross Connect - Audio ESV Bible
  • Dropbox - Online backup, file sharing, storage, and syncing.  Great app!
  • Evernote - Evernote is magical.  You should check it out.
  • Key Ring - Digitize information from store account cards, membership cards, discount cards.
  • Palringo - Among other things, brings Facebook chat to your Droid.
  • PicSay - Edit photos
  • Pixelpipe Pro - Easily upload your media to multiple sites and services.
  • Places Directory
  • Qik or Ustream - Stream live video from your phone.
  • TripIt - Great app if you travel a lot.  Manages trip plans and itinerary.
  • Wordpress - Manage your Wordpress blog and comments from your Droid.
  • Flood-It! - You have to check out this game.
  • GDocs - Access your Google Docs.
  • Locale - Change your phone’s settings base upon your location.
  • Listen - From Google Labs.  Manage podcasts on your Android device.

Enjoy, Jon!

June 4, 2010