Evernote and Skitch Make a Great Match

Yesterday it was announced that Evernote has acquired Skitch.

This is exciting news and a great match! Evernote and Skitch are already two of the most useful apps I have on my Mac. The folks at Evernote claim that Skitch will make Evernote better (and vice versa).” I agree. Improved integration between the two can only be a good thing. I look forward to seeing how the relationship between these handy tools develops in the coming months.

And the good news doesn’t stop there. A Skitch app has also been released for Android! The ability to mark up and add annotations to images along with the app’s Evernote integration will likely make this one of my favorite and most-used apps on my phone as well.

Finally, the biggest winners of this acquisition might just be Windows users. On its blog, Evernote promises, We are committed, not only to making the Skitch Mac app more awesome, but also to bringing Skitch to every desktop and mobile platform under the sun.” Sound like a Windows app is in the works.

Read the announcement and get all the details on the Evernote and Skitch blogs.

What about you? Do you use Evernote? Skitch?

What features or improvements do you hope come from this new relationship?

August 19, 2011