Church Planting and Preparing for Reproduction

Scott Thomas outlines five reasons for planting churches in a recent post at Among them, he discusses the importance of reproduction for the local church:

Aubrey Malphurs believes that the secret to a vibrant Christianity is a pregnant church, culminating in reproduction. He emphasized the importance of a sending church preparing itself for reproduction (Nuts and Bolts of Church Planting, Malphurs, 2011). As a church is developing leaders, clarifying vision, sending people and resources, articulating doctrines and strategizing for mission, it will have a spiritual vibrancy accompanying these pre-birth activities.

Thomas summarizes this way:

A church on mission prioritizes its sending capacity over its seating capacity. This reproductive generosity brings health to the mother church as well as to the baby churches.

Something that Todd Bumgarner said from the very beginning is that 2 Pillars is going to be a church that plants churches. Just like a engaged couple discussing future family plans and their desire for children, reproduction was part of the vision of 2 Pillars before it was even planted.

The prayer now is that God would bless our plans and preparation and continue to grow 2 Pillars in size and maturity in order that we might give birth to another church to be planted in the city of Lincoln.

Why plant more churches in Lincoln? Check out the entire post here.

May 23, 2013