Gospel Confidence

Guy Mason on gospel confidence:

Gospel confidence is the living and certain trust that Jesus’ gospel is powerful to save. This is sharply distinct from self-confidence, which looks in the mirror and says, I can do it.” Such an attitude leads to either pride at one’s achievements,” or despair when difficulty comes. In contrast, gospel confidence finds courage not by looking to culture or to self, but to God.

Gospel confidence—God has been growing me a great deal in this area over the past several months. For me, self–confidence tends to lead to insecurity. You see, I’m keenly aware of my inability to achieve God’s purposes on my own. This is especially true in the context of leadership. Insecurity, then, gives birth to all kinds of ugliness: posturing, false humility, defensiveness, and perfectionism to name just a few.

Thankfully, I don’t have to be self–confident, reliant upon my own talents and abilities. Rather, I must simply lead with confidence rooted in the great I AM and his ability to achieve his purposes.

Mason ends his post in this way:

God is lifting our eyes to him. He is giving each one of us a big vision, which requires complete dependence, for when God is required for all we do, he is guaranteed to get all the glory.

All the glory, indeed.

June 4, 2013