Giving is All About God

Sam Storms:

This is why giving is all about God: He already owns everything! He owns your clothes and your car and your bank account and your body and your house and your books and your jewelry and your television set(s) … He owns it all. He owns your mind and your emotions and your spirit and your eyes and your ears and your hair and your blood and your toenails. He has graciously and freely given us these things to use and enjoy for his glory, and he may take them back anytime he wishes. We are trustees or stewards of what God possesses. He also owns every dime (or sheckel) that we might willingly and joyfully choose to give to him.

This is important to remember, not only as I give, but also as I fundraise and ask people to invest financially in what God is doing in and through 2 Pillars Church. When I sit down with individuals at fundraising appointments, I’m not asking them to give of their own money and possessions. Rather, I’m asking them to invest that which was graciously given to them by God to steward. That’s a huge difference and it completely changes the nature of a fundraising appointment.

Further, at the end of the day, neither giver nor fundraiser receives glory. Instead, God receives the glory as the owner of all things.

July 12, 2013