Snarky much?

Yancey Arrington:

While individuals who consistently tweet critical comments may do so in the hopes others will look to them as people worth RT’ing, following, or being seen as a genuine source of insight, the truth more likely may be that those snarky comments are products of a cynical, jaded, or petty spirit. The result is a huge dichotomy between what the critical individual thinks is being said and what is actually being communicated in that it paints the person as someone with a small heart, mind, and character.

It’s been my experience that social media, especially Twitter, has a way of drawing out the critic in me. I invite you to take some time to look at your Twitter feed or Facebook page and read your last twenty or thirty posts. Are you often negative, critical, snarky, or cynical? If so, then read this post and consider whether or not there is underlying sin that needs to be repented of.

Further, if you read this post and immediately think of someone who needs to read this,” then read the post again and consider whether or not there is sin that _you _need to repent of.

August 7, 2013