Wading into the Standing Desk Kiddie Pool

You’ve probably heard by now that sitting is killing you, right? Sitting is the new smoking.”

This is a Sitting Free Zone.”

Friends don’t let friends work sitting.”

Think before sitting.”

This is your brain. This is your brain on sitting.”

Well, I’m convinced and ready to start standing with the cool kids. In addition to the health benefits, I also find that I’m much more focused and productive while standing. Sitting less will likely be just as good for my work as it will be for my body.

Unfortunately, we’re talking about a fairly cost-prohibitive endeavor here. Have you priced standing desks lately? An entry-level standing desk can easily set you back several hundred dollars. Want an adjustable desk that offers a sitting position too? That’ll cost you even more.

So before taking the plunge, I’m going to get my feet wet and wade into the standing desk kiddie pool for a while. I’m planning to make my first-ever IKEA visit this week and while I’m there I’ll be picking up supplies to build my very own Standesk 2200.

Twenty two bucks seems reasonable for a standing desk experiement and, assuming it goes well, I’ll consider making another trip to IKEA in the future.

January 14, 2015