The Wednesday Conversation: White Privilege

The guys over at the Wednesday Conversation podcast had a thoughtful and helpful discussion on the topic of White Privilege in today’s episode. From the show notes:

In our conversations about race, the term white privilege’ is being used a lot. Our culture seems to lack a clear consensus about what the phrase actually means, which leads to further polarization. In this episode, we seek to bring some clarity to the confusion by exploring what the Bible has to say about privilege. We also explore the dangers of uncritically adopting this language without careful definition and nuance.

Careful definitions and nuance are sorely lacking in many of today’s conversations about racial justice, both inside and outside the church, on the right and on the left. I’m hopeful that discussions like this one will become more common and that they will help Christians to have more fruitful conversation about racism in the U.S.

July 8, 2020